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Afghanistan war

General McChrystal's Afghan war Plan

Afghanistan war, support 18%

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1. First thing we should recognize that the United States has the most well equipped military in the world.

2. But Taliban or Al Quaeda forces mostly combat against our uniformed troops in civilian, folk clothes with the plenty supply of deadly weapons from the questionable sources. Their manpower supply seems to have endless resources from many nations. We must have the enough manpower to fight against them and to let the religiously hard headed populations learn they are on the wrong way. It is the culture war for a new social value system. The army needs our strongest possible support.

3. The problem is that the well trained and well quipped uniformed Americans and her allies are facing the strong deadly resistance from the new kind of un-uniformed peoples Taliban army different than the Chinese uniformed volunteer red army in the Korean War.

4. Many young Americans lost their lives and the leaders should be responsible to make their sacrifices meaningful for us and for the afghan people. If we win, we can create a peaceful new nation for them, with new family system where women could live the God given real family life as natural mothers for the children. Otherwise, we could live under their constant threat for long, long time.


5. In the midst of this bloody struggle, Beijing gamblers hitting jackpots in the war game, according to New York Times (10/7/09). Let Chinese send their own battalion to protect their jackpots. We should not allow them to enjoy free Champaign indefinitely without a due pay under our umbrella. Any other nations which benefit from the war should also send troops to protect their own war profits and to support the war efforts to rescue the people from the terrorist culture. Watch out if Chinese is building up her political base in conspiracy.


Chae S. Sone


The text above is not written by me and does not necessary represent my thinking but comes from email sent fro. csone(at)optonline.net. "Dear Editors and friends, please let me reflect an ordinary citizen’s humble views on the critical issues of Afghanistan war plan. We should honor the generals’ advices. We believe he knows what he is saying about." so I only post it here as it is.

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