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Russia’s Communist Party becomes history

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It seems that we are not going to expect anything new from the Communist Party these days. The action of protest, which the party held February 23, became a demonstration of old slogans, outdated approaches to actual problems and old-fashioned methods of political struggle. Modern-day communists also showed the lack of logic in their other statements.

It is hard to say that the slogan “Stop the collapse of the army!” is wrong. Everyone shares this point of view and has nothing against it: the opposition, the people and the authorities. Another slogan – “No to army reform!” – seems to be quite surprising too. It was probably a good slogan during the systematic destruction of the Soviet Army, but it has absolutely no sense nowadays. Does the Communist Party stand against the reform of the Russian Army? It looks like the party believes that the Soviet Army will reappear under a different defense minister.

The meeting of the Communist Party on February 23 was a surprising event indeed. The party leader, Gennady Zyuganov, delivered a speech in which he quoted everyone, whom he had apparently listened to lately. He particularly repeated Boris Nemtsov’s rep. rt about the crisis, which said that the production setback in Russia made up 70 percent against a 30-percent reduction in the United States.


by Sergei Yepanchintsev

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