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Legalize Cannabis

I'm A Medical Marijuana Patient

Legalize Cannabis, legalize 90%

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As a legal medical marijuana patient myself, I take exception to this moralistic, judgmental, and willfully ignorant tone.

There are many among us who obviously harbor some enormous moral judgments about marijuana and about those who legally use it as medicine -- as if we should somehow feel guilty about the relief that is afforded us through using this herb.

Such anti-marijuana zealots often assert that "statistics strongly suggest" that more Californians use marijuana as a result of Proposition 215, which the voters passed 13 years ago, when in fact statistics suggest no such thing.

When the medical marijuana law passed in 1996, adult Californians used marijuana at a rate 50 percent higher than the national rate. I don't think that should come as shocking or remarkable news to anyone.

The difference is, now those who can show a medical need for cannabis -- and who have a physician's recommendation to use pot to alleviate their symptoms -- no longer have to fear being arrested and jailed for treating themselves with the medicine which they've learned works best.

The urine testing of which anti-marijuana activists and some employers are apparently so fond means nothing when it comes to measuring actual impairment. Marijuana can be detected in the urine for 30-45 days after last ingestion -- so the broad net of urine testing still captures
those who only use medically, never at the workplace, with the result that they are discriminated against even through they never broke the law.


By Steve Elliott

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