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Political situation in Libya

Military operations in Libya

Political situation in Libya, satisfied 39%

In summary, it is a type of speech straight out of the propaganda textbooks of "Gulf Wars 1 and 2”, supported by a media tsunami (especially in France (9)) without any attempt at objectivity: the citizens are ordered to approve, not to think.

The passing days have quickly shown:
. that the Libyan people were not revolting to that extent since the rebels have proved incapable of advancing beyond Benghazi without massive Franco-Anglo-American support
. that the so-called rebels were more like comedy-theatre revolutionaries than fierce fighters (10)
. that the US, British and French secret services were operating in Libya even before the official "triggering" of the rebellion (11)
. that support for the Washington/Paris/London attack by Arab or African countries (12) were either virtually non-existent or outright uncertain
. that a large part of the « West » (Germany, Poland (13), …) continued to be opposed to this military intervention
. that, after a few days, the promise of victory was in the course of becoming bogged down in a lasting conflict
. that Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama didn’t have a plan B if their aerial "blitzkrieg" failed (14)
. that the situation was a source of major geopolitical risks for Europe and the Arab world.

 Therefore the context of this conflict is proving, very different from that being spouted . or the last month by the French, British and American leaders and media.



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