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Anna Burke

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Anna Burke хочет знать ваше мнение. Желает вашей поддержки и голоса. Голосуйте онлайн!
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The 28th Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives since 2012.
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ENG: Anna Elizabeth Burke (born 1 January 1966), is an Australian politician, and the current Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives. She has been a member of the Australian Labor Party and a member of the Australian House of Representatives since October 1998, representing the Division of Chisholm, Victoria. Early life Anna Burke was born in Melbourne, Victoria, and was educated at the University of Melbourne and Monash University. Before entering politics, Burke worked as a trade union official. In this capacity, she worked in the Victorian roads department 1988–93 and the Victorian Institute of Technology 1993–94. In 1994, she joined the Finance Sector Union as their National Industrial Officer. Political career After Labor's win at the 2007 federal ...
за32против   In my opinion Anna Burke is quite good and reliable politician. He / She has my support!, positive
за33против   I am strongly opposed! Anna Burke is very bad choice. I do not agree with his / her political views., negative
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Boat policy will cost me votes: Burke

SPEAKER Anna Burke says the federal government's policy to process and settle asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea will cost her votes. Ms Burke, who holds the Melbourne seat of Chisholm, says she'll raise concerns about the policy at Monday's special caucus meeting in Sydney and believes voters will find it hard to distinguish between the asylum seekers policies of Labor and the Coalition. Ms Burke, who has previously been outspoken about offshore processing on Nauru and Manus Island, says the policy is one sided and while it may stop the boats coming, it does nothing to deal with the ...

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