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Political situation in Libya

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Political situation in Libya хочет знать ваше мнение. Желает вашей поддержки и голоса. Голосуйте онлайн!
фото Political situation in Libya - satisfied

Political situation in Libya - satisfied

Click, if you are satisfied with the political situation in Libya. Say, why?
Political situation in Libya - dissatisfied

Political situation in Libya - dissatisfied

Click, if you are dissatisfied with the political situation in Libya. Say, why?

Pезультаты онлайн выборов "Political situation in Libya - satisfied" в графике

за33против   أنا راض عن الوضع السياسي في ليبيا. لا يوجد سبب ليتردد. على سبيل المثال، لأنه ... (كتبت إذا أردت أن أكتب لماذا، من هنا), positive
за1против   Honte à L'Otan et aux pays qui viennent coloniser la Libye.Les vrais mercenaires sont eux. Vive la Libye et out à La France et à l'otan criminels!, Hayat
за0против   Lockerbie!, SEPP
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за Political situation in Libya - satisfied

Military operations in Libya

In summary, it is a type of speech straight out of the propaganda textbooks of "Gulf Wars 1 and 2”, supported by a media tsunami (especially in France (9)) without any attempt at objectivity: the citizens are ordered to approve, not to think.   The passing days have quickly shown: . that the Libyan people were not revolting to that extent since the rebels have proved incapable of advancing beyond Benghazi without massive Franco-Anglo-American support . that the so-called rebels were more like comedy-theatre revolutionaries than fierce fighters (10) . that the US, British and ...

Gaddafi's brutality has united Libya‎

I am almost the same age as Gaddafi's regime. I was born in 1968, a year before Gaddafi came to power. The regime in Libya is built on the safety and security of Gaddafi himself. Every aspect of Libyans' lives revolves around him and no one dares to question his orders. Living in that sort of situation for so long you tend to go with the flow just to be able to achieve basic goals in your life. I joined the Libyan foreign ministry since it included opportunities for self-development: the chance of being posted abroad, of being exposed to other cultures and societies, and of ...

Libya: RAF abort attack after SAS spot Gaddafi using human shields ‎

The RAF was just moments away from obliterating civilians being used as unwitting human shields by Colonel Muammar Gaddafi when SAS ‘spotters’ aborted the mission. Tornado GR4 fighter jets were closing in on Gaddafi’s presidential compound when the covert troops saw a group of people, including journalists reported to be from CNN and Reuters. The air raid was following up a Tomahawk cruise missile strike launched against the compound by a British submarine. Unwitting: Around 300 Gaddafi supporters were in the tyrant's Tripoli compound when the SAS ordered the RAF ...

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