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Полит.ситуац. во Македонија

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Полит.ситуац. во Македонија хочет знать ваше мнение. Желает вашей поддержки и голоса. Голосуйте онлайн!
фото Полит.ситуац.во Македонија  задоволни

Полит.ситуац.во Македонија задоволни

Кликнете, ако не сте задоволни со политичката ситуација во Македонија. Каже зошто! / Satisfied with the political situation in Macedonia. Say why!
Полит.ситуац.во Македонија  незадоволни

Полит.ситуац.во Македонија незадоволни

Кликнете, ако сте незадоволни од политичката ситуација во Македонија. Каже зошто! / Dissatisfied with the political situation in Macedonia. Say why!

Pезультаты онлайн выборов "Полит.ситуац.во Македонија задоволни" в графике

за33против   Јас сум задоволен со политичката ситуација во Македонија. Нема причина да се двоумите. На пример, поради тоа што... (ако сакав да пишувам зошто, јас го напишав тука), positive
за1против   Die Industrie hängt sie uns ans Bein!Milliardenloch für EU Subventionen!, SEPP
за1против   Kommen in die EU!Billig Arbeitskräfte,die den Arbeitsmarkt noch kaputter machen!, SEPP
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за Полит.ситуац.во Македонија задоволни

Macedonia, lacking internal democracy ‎

During an exclusive interview with Prof.dr.Ylber Sela, a professor of European and International politics in State University of Tetovo and Kosovo, he said that Macedonia needs an internal democracy.Although loaded with lots of meetings and visits frequently made ​​before the elections in Macedonia, he is well informed for the situation in Macedonia and the region. And according to him there will come better days for the Albanians in Macedonia and the region in general. ... 14.06.2011 Read full article: english.albeu.com 2011-07-04

IMF expects FYR Macedonia's growth to be 3 percent this year

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission headed by Wes McGrew visited Skopje FYR Macedonia from June 14–22. The purpose of the visit was to discuss economic policies with the authorities and assess economic and financial conditions in the context of the first review under the Precautionary Credit Line (PCL). The economic recovery that began last year is continuing, and the mission expects FYR Macedonia's growth to be 3 percent this year, supported by robust growth of exports and investment spending. Inflation has risen on the back of higher food and fuel prices, but these pressures ...

Macedonia Protests 2011

Macedonians have been protesting daily throughout the month of June 2011 against the police cover-up of a murder of a man during street celebrations for the re-election victory of Macedonia's ruling party, the VMRO-DPMNE. Martin Neshkovski, 22, was beaten to death early on the morning of June 6, in the main square of Skopje, the capital city. The prime suspect is a member of the country's special police forces, who has allegedly also served as a bodyguard to some of Macedonia's highest-ranking government officials.Despite the presence of dozens of witnesses, authorities initially denied any ...

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