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Popularity of Mongolia

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Popularity of Mongolia хочет знать ваше мнение. Желает вашей поддержки и голоса. Голосуйте онлайн!
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Mongolia - I like

I like Mongolia
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Mongolia - I don't like

Click, if you don't like this country. Explain, why don't !?

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График онлайн : Popularity of Mongolia
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MON -Монгол улс нь далайд гарцгүй, зүүн ба төв Азийн орон юм. Хойд талаараа Оросын Холбооны Улс, өмнөд, баруун, зүүн талаараа Бүгд Найрамдах Хятад Ард Улстай тус тус хиллэдэг. Монгол улс нь хэдийгээр Казакстан улстай хил залгадаггүй хэдий ч Монголын баруун цэг ба Казакстаны зүүн цэг нь хоорондоо маш бага зайтай. Нийслэл бөгөөд хамгийн том хот нь Улаанбаатар бөгөөд нийт хүн амын 38 орчим хувь нь тэнд оршин суудаг. Монгол улс нь бүгд ...
за33против   I like Mongolia. No reason to hesitate. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), positive
за33против   Мне нравится Монголии. Нет причин для колебаний. Например, потому что ... (если бы я хотел/а написать, почему я за, я бы написал/а это здесь), positive
за33против   I do not like Mongolia. For instance, because it ... (if I wanted to write why, I wrote it here), negative
за33против   Я не люблю Монголии. Я не согласен/сна например, потому что... (если бы я хотел/а написать, почему я за, я бы написал/а это здесь), negative
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за Mongolia - I like

Mongolia Wins One Gold and Two Bronze in World Judo Masters

Eleven best judo players represented Mongolia successfully in World Judo Masters, run in Baku, Azerbaijan on January 15-16, 2011. Mongolia ranked the sixth place out of 41 countries with one gold, two bronze medals and in individual category three judokas gets fifth places at the tournament. Japan took first place in overall title with three gold, five silver, six bronze medals and followed by France (3 gold, 1silver medals) and Azerbaijan (2 gold, 2 bronze medals). In men’s 66kg weight category, Kh,Tsagaanbaatar, top ranking 66kg wrestlers, bagged gold medal and US$6,000 ...

A longing for Mongolia: Peace Corps volunteer back after two years

MARBLEHEAD — Her home is on one of the prettiest streets in the most picturesque towns in the world. Judy Gates loves Marblehead. But, she just spent 27 months in Mongolia, with no central heat, where wintry temperatures linger eight months of the year and the wind cutting across the grasslands can drive the thermometer to 50 below zero. Yet, she said, "I felt more a part of the community there than I do here." Not that she's lost her affection for Marblehead. "I love seeing my friends again," Gates said. And as a former library trustee, she will give a talk titled "Take a ...

Stanford festival explores Mongolia's music

While growing up in Beijing, Jindong Cai remembers hearing exotic music from the distant northern provinces, haunting sounds that stayed in the back of his mind for decades. Last summer, Cai, Stanford's Gretchen B. Kimball Director of Orchestral Studies, finally traced the music back its source, taking a 10-day trip to Mongolia with his wife, journalist Sheila Melvin. They discovered a vast, sparsely populated nation in the midst of self-discovery, a serpentine process of building a modern identity out of the wreckage of Stalinist repression and a distant, epic history of world ...

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